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Oil and gas operations are complex and it takes more than a lease and a pipeline. You need water lines and water withdrawals. Temporary and permanent access. Meter sites, pigging stations, valve sets, dehydration and compressors. Pipe yards, boring locations, storage sites and construction yards. We have the experience to secure whatever rights you need for a seamless operation.


Back Roads Energy knows that up-to-date and accurate work by abstractors is where things start. We work diligently to get you the answers you need in the timeframe you demand. Our buyers know that every lease that is acquired advances your drilling program and we work hard to do just that with reliability, honesty and integrity.


After the financial investment you've made in the acquisition of the lease, construction of the pad and the drilling, fracturing and completion of the wells, your pipeline generates your revenue stream. By purchasing the specific rights-of-way you need to generate your income, our landsmen understand the role they play in your bottom line.

pipeline RIGHT-OF-WAY