First established as Acree & Sons in 2011, Back Roads Energy employs a dynamic leadership team with more than 20 years of combined experience in the energy industry. Our hands-on experience, knowledge of the field, established contacts and diversified backgrounds help to differentiate Back Roads Energy from its competitors. Partners within the company have skillsets in the energy, business, communication, leadership, public relations, accounting and teaching fields.

Experienced & Reputable Professionals
Back Roads Energy connects high-quality professionals, hired based on their qualifications, years of experience and reputation in the field, with area businesses within the oil and gas industry. We serve as a channel to deliver the most relevant professionals in an effort to fit your company’s specific requirements related to the functions of a sought after position.

Our attention to detail related to the acquisition of talent allows our clients and contractors to create mutually beneficial relationships. The customization of the acquisition process focuses on matching the company’s wants and needs with those of a particular contractor. It has been our experience that doing so decreases the rate of turnover, thus increasing the rate of productivity.

Committed to the End Result
Back Roads Energy knows that accurate, results-oriented work is critical to the day-to-day functions of a business. We understand how vital our contractors are to the success of your business and bottom line.

Back Roads Energy strives to provide honest, reliable, knowledgeable and hard-working contractors with a clear understanding of the industry in an effort to create a seamless operation.



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